Tyler Mbaya, aka Baha, an ex-Machachari star, and his baby mother, Georgina Njenga, recently caused a stir on the internet by deceiving their followers about their breakup in the most unexpected manner.

Even though it now seems that the two were just clout-chasing, their publicised dispute gained notoriety, particularly because Georgina claimed to be responsible for paying all of the couple's expenditures and Baha was accused of defrauding them.

Tyler Mbaya, aka Baha, an ex-Machachari star, and his baby mother, Georgina Njenga

Each actor seems to have mastered their roles since Baha subsequently spoke out about his problems on his Instagram Stories without revealing what issues he was facing.

Additionally, he disclosed that his social media profiles, which have respective followings of over 760K and 399.8K people on Instagram and TikTok, are for sale.

"Selling my Tiktok and Instagram accounts I'm not OK." The single parent of one wrote, "I'm working on it."

The scandalous pair would eventually unfollow one another on social media, sparking conflicting responses and adding to the rumours.

Fans didn't realise they had been duped until Monday, June 5, 2023, when the pair used the attention to release a single.

But even though they appear in the video as video vixens, the song is not their own.

Listen to the song "Don't Give Up" by Lexsil and Jovial.

Clout-chasing in Kenya seems to be par for the course, and friends will go to any lengths to stay at the top of trending lists.

People want influence primarily to increase engagement metrics before the release of new projects and, more likely, to reuse it to boost conversations afterwards.

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