Owning a gun in Kenya is a luxury granted to only a few people; not every hustler, like Mama Mboga, has the privilege of owning a licenced gun legally. 

However, there are specific procedures and requirements for getting a licence in Kenya.


You must have the following to own a gun in Kenya 

  • Identity card or passport
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Psychiatric report from a known hospital
  • Tax Compliance Certificate
  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Must be well-trained in handling firearms.

It will cost you between Ksh 100, 000 and Ksh 350, 000 when purchased legally. Short guns may cost you between Ksh 160, 000 and Ksh 350, 000.


  1.   APPLY WITH THE FIREARMS BUREAU: Visit the Kenya Firearms Bureau, located at the Nairobi Area Station, to apply for a firearm licence. The Chief Licencing Officer will provide you with the prescribed application form for
  2.   GET A CLEARANCE WITH THE CID: Have your fingerprints taken and obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct from the DCI at the cost of Ksh. 1050. The process takes at least two weeks. 
  3. SUBMIT THE FILLED APPLICATION FORM: Submit a duly filled-out form to the police station nearest to your residence and attach the following documents: Identity card or passport copy Certificate of Good Conduct Physical and mental fitness certificate 
  4. REVIEW OF APPLICATION: Vetting of the application by the County Security Committee and District Security Intelligence Committee before approval or rejection 
  5. CLEARANCES BY THE INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE: The names of those vetted and cleared for consideration to be licenced as firearm holders are forwarded to the Inspector General of Police, who has the final say to instruct the Chief Licencing Officer to clear the applicants.
  6. ISSUING OF THE FIREARM LICENCE: Upon approval from the Inspector General, an applicant will become a holder of a gun licence in Kenya.

Police officers

There are instances when one's application could be rejected because:

  • The applicant is insane.
  • He or she is temperamental.

The request could be revoked because of;

  •  Misusing a gun while drunk
  •  When one fails to renew their licence
  • Careless storage that may cause harm to the public or misconduct.
  • When the holder removes the gun's serial number
  • The holder is a threat to public safety.

 A gun licence in Kenya is granted under strict adherence to the Firearm Act in Kenya. However, this is Kenya, and every Tom and Jerry can own a gun so long as you have a "connection."

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