Mzee Kududu Maulana

A 65-year-old farmer from Mangai hamlet in the Boni forest, Mzee Kududu Maulana, had been afflicted with glaucoma for more than ten years.

Kududu told sources: "It began with me feeling blurred—almost blurry eyesight.

"I was unable to move about my everyday tasks because I was unable to see, and I had depended on all of my other senses," he said.

He was forced to rely on his family and well-wishers since he couldn't cultivate his property.

The lack of hospitals in his community of Mangai had made him less optimistic that he would ever recover his sight.

After over ten years of agony, assistance arrived at the right time.

Last week, thanks to the efforts of the Lamu County Home Based Care Programme and the Kenya Defence Forces, a joyful Kududu was flown to Lamu King Fahad Hospital.

A group of surgeons performing various surgical operations on residents performed on Kududu.

"I am grateful for what the doctors have performed for me." Kududu exulted, "I feel like I've been born again."


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