Ngesh wa Vasha, the leader of The Spider Clan

Ngesh wa Vasha, the leader of The Spider Clan, has unveiled a rate card that calls for no less than 300,000 Kenya shillings for each of their performances.

Their popular Gengetone song, "Rieng Genje," has been trending on numerous media outlets since its release last week.

The organisation has made it plain that anything less than their predetermined price of Ksh 300,000 would not be accepted.

But who is Ngesh Wa Vasha, exactly?

Ngesh is a well-known member of the Naivasha-based Spider Clan music group. They collaborated with Ngesh wa Vasha to create one of the most well-known songs in the Kenyan music scene.

In many of the slum sections of the nation, this specific song has evolved into a street hymn.

Due to this song, Ngesh Wa Vasha's popularity soared, making her the current pop star.

Her catchy songs with titles like "Cash'crop za nyandaru ni mawaru" and "Kaveve Kazoze" have topped Twitter trends for over two weeks.

Ngesh Wa Vasha discussed the specifics of her rate card in her first televised interview. This covers compensation for club appearances, band projects, and live performances.

The young star claims that the selected payment is suitable for her and her team.

Ngesh Wa Vasha also said that she believed Kenyan promoters had the resources, which is why, as a budding artist, she placed her fee at that level.


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