Susan Kinyanjui  with KRG

Susan Kinyanjui made the decision to bring the cameras to the home where she says she had Yvonne after getting into a violent dispute with KRG throughout their final interaction.

While Yvonne's mother maintained that KRG impregnated the woman while he had been living in Ndumberi, Kiambu County, KRG fiercely denied knowing her in their joint interview.

Susan eventually made the choice to accompany YouTuber Nicholas Kioko to the Ndumberi one-room flat where she alleges KRG formerly resided and where he reportedly got together with her.

Susan pointed to the home she says her daughter was born in and stated, "Nilipata ball ya Yvonne nkiwa kwa hii nyumba."

Susan emphasised that she became pregnant in 2002, gave birth in 2003, and that KRG left the plot in 2004 as a result of her persistent demands that he adopt responsibility for Yvonne.

"Hii ploti hapa ndo nilipata mimba ya Yvonne 2002 alafu 2003 nkapata mtoi. Sasa after kuletana juu 2004 ndo akahama sasa sijui penye alienda," Susan said.

As the renter, Susan, says she was pregnant while residing in the one-room flat, KRG was definitely recognised as such by a neighbour chatting to Kioko.

"Huyo mzee namjua alikua anaitwa 'Jojes' na alikua anaishi hapo kwa Runga. Ilikua 2002 na alikaa hapo for two years, then akahama hapo 2004," the next-door neighbour said.

The neighbour continued, saying that he had previously seen KRG and Susan together but wasn't convinced if they had been together or otherwise.

"I'm not sure, but nlikua nawaona tu sijui kama walikua urafiki. Lakini nilikua nawaona," says the neighbour.

DNASusan claimed that the only way to determine the identity of her daughter's biological father was via a DNA test since she had given up on all other methods.

"Hivi hivi, nataka DNA. Sasa staki tupelekani. DNA hakuna kitu ingine, yeah, that's right." DNA ndo msema ukweli," said Susan.

Her comments come as KRG uses delay strategies to stall the paternity test problem.

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