Men In Black (MIB) and Stivo simple boy part ways

MIB, the management of Stivo Simple Boy has declared the end of their agreement with the singer of the popular song "Mihadarati."

The top brass of Men In Black (MIB) did not, however, provide any other information on the singer's dismissal in the press release they posted on their social media accounts.

This is at a moment when many have accused MIB of allowing the singer to live in poverty while still profiting from his songs.

"We want to let you know that we are terminating our musical agreement with you. This letter informs you of our intention to end the relationship in a way that is legal and consistent with the standards," MIB added.

The management then gave Stivo Simple 35 days to reply to the contract termination while requesting his cooperation.

MIB termination letter

"The contract will be terminated as of July 31, so we have 35 days to discuss the interests of both sides to ensure a seamless transition. All parties will be put on hold during the procedure, and activities will proceed legally, as said in the statement.

After a year of working with Stivo Simple Boy, who had already left another management, the new management ended its agreement with him.

At the time, it was claimed that the company's leadership was taking advantage of Stivo Simple Boy by promoting his songs while keeping the proceeds, leaving him with little to live on.

Speaking about this, Stivo's now-ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy, stated that he was at that point struggling with poverty, a statement that Stivo's current wife, Grace Atieno, has reiterated.

Grace claims that MIB has reduced Stivo to absolutely nothing by managing his finances. When they manage the funds, Stivo is often left in a situation where they find themselves unable to buy meals.

"Manager wake anampatia stress, yeye anajikondea tu, wakati tulikuwa nae alikuwa ameungaunga tu sasa hivi ni manager wake's stress, pesa zake na hizo account zake. In a recent interview, Grace Atieno said, "Si yeye ndio anatumia, si yeye ndio anazimanage, yani kila kitu manager wake ndio anamanage.


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