Awinja, a former Papa Shirandula actor, said that the loss of her father caused her a great deal of suffering.

In order to keep food on the table, she toiled as a Mama Mboga in addition to other hustling jobs like selling cigarettes and chicken.

Awinja, whose true name is Jackie Vike, said that she engaged in all of these shady activities in order to support her mother.

Her mother was a municipal councilwoman, and she used to be paid three to four months later than she should have. Awinja praised God for allowing them to live.

She sent a heartfelt note to her mother in honour of her birthday, which is now being observed.

"You should be aware that if one wants to live in this tough world, having a side business is one of the most crucial things.

"You cannot rely just on your income because it will never be sufficient. Due to their reliance only on work, a large number of individuals in Kenya are now suffering.

"You have witnessed a lot of Kenyan employees staging strikes to demand pay raises from their employers."

"You must understand that no matter how much your company chooses to pay you, it will never be enough.

Awinja, whose true name is Jackie Vike, said that she engaged in all of these shady activities in order to support her mother.

"You ought to develop a second business so you can take care of your other demands. Awinja used to work extra jobs as a side hustle and support her mother via it.

She said that her mother received a pitiful wage and that it may even be delayed for three months.

"You must learn how to launch a side company if you don't want to experience financial hardship. You should be aware that many people have found success in their side businesses, so you are not unique.

Others choose to leave their paying positions in order to devote all of their attention to their side businesses.

They now manage their own businesses after growing their side businesses. Many of them have even created jobs for others while contributing to the growth of the country's economy.

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