sick woman spewed the carcass of a rat in Nakuru

After a middle-aged sick woman spewed the carcass of a rat, anxiety erupted in the Ndaragu community in Njoro, Nakuru County.

The mother of four, who had additionally been ill for more than a week, claimed that on Wednesday, she began to feel queasy around midnight and then began vomiting.

She said that at about 3 a.m., she felt what felt like an item trapped in her throat and squeezed it out. She then lit her lantern and discovered the dead rat inside the basin.

Locals, including the lady's father and the village elder, told the media that someone had openly argued with the woman and is thought to be responsible for the strange episode.

After the event, the woman returned to her bed, and when her father spread the word to the neighbours, villagers flocked to the hamlet early the next morning, but she nonetheless remained asleep.

In the immediate aftermath of the occurrence, elders will be expected to gather and perform a ceremony.

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