Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has tested positive for COVID-19

A high-ranking health ministry official said shortly after midnight Wednesday that Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Despite this, he is in excellent health and plans to continue his responsibilities while receiving treatment, the source added.

"Today... the President was found to have a positive COVID-19 test. This was after experiencing some moderate symptoms similar to the flu. 

"Diane Atwine, the permanent secretary at the health ministry, said on Twitter that "however he is in robust health and maintains performing his duties regularly while following SOPs." She was referring to the standard operating protocols for dealing with COVID cases.

Museveni, 78, offered a first sign that he may have caught COVID earlier on Wednesday after making a State of the Nation speech at the grounds of the parliament. 

He said that in the early hours of Wednesday, he had felt a mild cold, which prompted him to order COVID testing. This came after he had given an address on the state of the nation at the grounds of the parliament.

He reported that two of the three tests he had conducted had shown negative results, and he was awaiting the results of the third.

"So it would seem that I am a suspect in the Corona investigation, and I am standing here. "That is the reason why you saw me coming in separate cars with Mama," Museveni stated, referring to the First Lady Janet Museveni, who accompanied him to parliament. Museveni was alluding to the fact that Janet Museveni was also there.

During the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, Uganda implemented some of the most stringent containment measures in all of Africa. These efforts included curfews, the closure of companies and educational institutions, as well as the closing of borders and other entry points.

Museveni, who is vaccinated against COVID with over 2 boosters, was usually seen in public while wearing a mask throughout the pandemic. 

He has always handled his official responsibilities by socially separating himself, and he was often seen sitting alone in a covered structure on the grassy area of his office while dealing with guests. Throughout the pandemic, Museveni was always seen donning a face mask.

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