Nameless, a Kenyan musician, has admitted to getting a vasectomy. He told YouTuber Vincent Mboya that he had decided to "take circumstances into one's own hands."

The 'Ninanoki' hitmaker, who has three kids between his wife and fellow singer Wahu, spoke on Friday at the State House for the debut of Talanta Hela.

Nameless said to Vincent Mboya on YouTube, "Ah, tumefunga, nimeenda vasectomy, nimeona nitake things into my own hands."

"I believe that right now, having three girls, makes me happy. We feel blessed, and Shiru is keeping busy."

In the same interview, the musician rejected a group of detractors who had pushed him to have a son, purportedly to continue his legacy.

He expressed to the YouTuber his continued amazement at the persistence of such antiquated and outmoded notions.

Nameless stated, "I find it really funny that people can still employ that old-school way of thinking. 

Even if they are not completely healthy, as a parent, you are expected to lead the kid as long as una mtoto ako is healthy. You do your best.

The Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks of Kenya, Nameless and Wahu, initially acquainted themselves as University of Nairobi students in 1997.

Before agreeing to wed on September 10, 2005, in a vibrant wedding ceremony on the beaches of Lake Naivasha, they dated for over eight years.

Tumiso, born on August 2, 2006; Nyakio, born on August 9, 2013; and Shiru, born in October 2022, are their three children.


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