DJ Bonez podcast with his wife, Kamene Goro, and Oga Obinna

On June 30, Bonez revealed on their podcast with his wife, Kamene Goro, and Oga Obinna that she would want to consume anything else instead of cigarettes.

Obinna, who was also taking part in the discussion, expressed his personal dislike of dating or getting married to a smoker.

He described a time when he broke up a possible romance when he learned the woman smoked cigarettes. Smoking is not appropriate for spouses, according to Obinna.

"I met someone. She is full-spec, the type of shawty I like, and everything nice. Later, I realised she was a smoker. Dem anasmoke sio wife material," Obinna said.

He freely said that it was difficult for him to accept his wife's smoking, especially her use of cigarettes.

"To be quite honest, I'm fighting and struggling with this. Women who smoke cigarettes don't appeal to me. Sigara should not be smoked, as Bonez frankly stated.

Kamene Goro backed women who smoke in reaction to the feedback, pointing out that every individual has negative habits and struggles in secret. She said she had some terrible habits of her own.

However, Kamene recommended that folks who have similar behaviours be considerate of other people's tastes, particularly if it causes them discomfort.

"Everybody has terrible habits. I am not exempt from harmful behaviours. The key is to regulate those actions in order to behave like decent citizens," Kamene stated.

Regarding the topic of discrimination, Kamene emphasised that using drugs like alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana should not necessarily bar a woman from getting married.

She made the case that women shouldn't be judged purely on the basis of social conventions and standards.

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