Eric Omondi

Even though he admitted that such ambitions are not included in his present objectives, Eric Omondi has given hints about the prospect of entering politics.

When asked if he had any political aspirations, particularly in the Langa'ta seat, Omondi made the remarks during a news conference at Lion Place in Westlands on Friday.

"I'm not removing somebody or attempting to, but if offered the chance, I probably would," he declared.

Omondi claimed that since the August House serves as the place where laws are produced, being in Parliament will provide him with greater chances to fight for the fundamental freedoms of Kenyans.

He slammed the MPs who supported the Finance Bill 2023, claiming they were betraying Kenyans and no longer deserved to be in Parliament.

"I can only yell so loudly into your microphones, but the MPs cast the votes when it pertains to voting (on bills). If I had any opportunity to get rid of them, I would do it right now rather than in 2027.

The comedian said that the Kenya Kwanza administration should be subject to a vote of no confidence.

"We would be extremely wise to dismiss this government now if there is a chance to do so... Kenyans number 55 million; there are only 300 MPs," according to Omondi.

When questioned extensively about his future political aspirations, Omondi stated that although he wasn't thinking about running for the Lang'ata parliamentary seat, he would do so if the public in the local area requested that he serve in that capacity.

"I've not mentioned Lang'ata, but if it's Kenyans, I'll tell them this. God speaks via the whispers of individuals."

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