Georgina Njenga and her new unidentified boyfriend are showing their affection for each other by getting identical tattoos.

The mother of one stated on Thursday, July 13, that she had split up with Baha, the main character of the reality television programme Machachari.

"Are you still dating Tyler?" Fan inquired. "We parted ways. I recently started dating a new man. This is a unique kind of love. To be completely honest, I had no idea that such love existed. I am doing well," she continued.

Georgina dumps Baha for an A man

Georgina continued by revealing that she had begun dating a new person. She got tattoos that looked like each other to show how devoted she was to the mystery man.

She displayed the exquisite artwork on her Instagram stories. The footage of the tattoo work being done shows the hand of a man with what seems to be light skin.


The display of hands spurred her admirers to want her to divulge his identity. She was asked, "Can you inform us who the freshly arrived guy is."

"I can't say much, but he makes me happy," she retorted. "By the way, we had recently gotten our first identical tattoo," she said.

He does have an A in his name, that much is certain. Their bodies had the letters "G" and "A" as tattoos. 

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