Comedian Eric Omondi opens a clothes store for Victor Juma. Juma was arrested during the protests by a police officer disguised as a journalist in Mathare.

Eric Omondi also moved Juma from the slum where his child was tear-gassed by rogue police.

Juma's life took an unexpected turn when he was arrested for confronting police officers during a protest where they had teargassed his daughter.

Comedian Eric Omondi opens a clothes store for Victor Juma

Eric was alerted to the situation and was moved by Juma's courage and dedication in defending his child's rights. Motivated by sympathy, the comedian astonishingly gathered KSh 400,000 to provide the young man with much-needed help. Victor moved to a better and more comfortable home with Eric's financial support.

The comedian has made the decision to help Victor become independent by starting a shop. The choice was made in order to give Juma a reliable source of income so he could take control of his life and destiny. Eric revealed, "VJ's" (Victor Jumas' Shop), a new store that stands for a new beginning and a monument to the strength of love and togetherness, in a moving Facebook post.

He shared a video and captioned it: "People have been asking me. Eric, how will this guy sustain this new lifestyle? How will he pay rent and school fees? My Answer is simple. We will support him—not just me, but the US. I have opened a clothes shop for him, and we will launch it on Tuesday.

"That same Tuesday, I'll go live on all my Platforms from 8 p.m. to Midnight, and we will sell all these stocks. He will go restock, and then we will sell again until his business picks up and he can sustain his life. WELCOME TO VJ'S (Victor Jumas' Shop)."

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