MP Gideon Mulyungi

Gideon Mulyungi, MP for Mwingi Central, has refuted assaulting and improperly touching a local entrepreneur.

In a press release, Mulyungi claimed that he had discovered through media coverage that he physically assaulted and groped Rhoda Musyoka's breasts at her business location in Mwingi town. He insisted that the news had been made up to harm his name.

The politician went on to say that he was planning on suing the businesswoman for allegedly arranging for thugs to assault him.

"As Rhoda Musyoka, whom I want to sue, has been organising gangs to assault me for political purposes, Mulyungi responded, "I am denying the allegations that I committed the unlawful act."

After Mulyungi reported the acts of violence to the police, two of the gang members were later taken into custody.

The offenders were arrested and arraigned in Mwingi Law Courts on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, according to the MP.

"Two of the gang members have already been detained and prosecuted in Mwingi Law Courts for organising goons to assault me as the local member of parliament, according to information supplied to the police," he said.

The alleged businesswoman bailed out the individuals in question.

The MP stated that Rhoda's payment of their Ksh200,000 bail was "clear evidence of her involvement in planning criminal activities" and that the case's pre-trial will be held on August 7, 2023.

Mulyungi contends that the current assault allegations are an effort to deflect attention from the pending legal matter and tarnish his reputation as a respectable community leader.

Rhoda had previously claimed that the MP rushed her hotel and assaulted her on the grounds that her guests were disparaging the lawmaker.

According to Rhoda, "I was in my hotel when local member of parliament Gideon Mulyungi came into the room with a team of about 30 to 50 people and said that I needed to clarify why I haven't taken any action on guests who have been slandering him in my hotel."

Rhoda claims that the MP assaulted her by pushing her, touching her improperly, and breaking her pricey eyeglasses.

Schola Mwende, a client who was there when the assault took place, claims that the MP assaulted the entrepreneur and hurt her in the face.

"Mulyungi came and assaulted Rhoda at her place of work, but we talked about it with his goons, informing them to cease and desist; there is no need to bring about disturbance within her business, and we ordered them to get out of the hotel, after which they departed peacefully," Mwende added.

Later, other locals and business owners in Mwingi town peacefully protested in support of the entrepreneur and demanded that the local member of parliament be held accountable.


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