Pastor Paul Mackenzie

Paul Mackenzie, a contentious preacher, has declared that eating is his worst fault and that heaven does not entertain.

In a video, Mackenzie made the declaration while sitting in court with his fellow defendants.

"Dhambi kubwa ninayoifanya duniani hivi leo mimi, ni kula. Lakini siku nitakapo okoka kutoka dhambi iyo ya kula, nitaishi na yesu milele."

Meaning, "Eating is the largest sin I'm now committing on earth. And I shall spend all of eternity with Jesus the day I am delivered from the sin of eating," he said.

Between June 6 and June 10, Mackenzie and his supporters went on a hunger strike, saying they were being abused while being held.

But since they refused to eat, they were charged in court with attempted suicide. One of the perpetrators died as a consequence of the attack and malnutrition.

The outspoken pastor and his co-defendant have already been detained for more than 90 days, and the court issued another 90 days to complete the investigation.

Mackenzie and his 27 companions were held for an additional 47 days, starting on August 2 last week.

The divisive religious figure has been detained for 117 days without being officially indicted since his initial arrest on April 15.

They are held accountable for the deaths of about 425 individuals, whose remains were excavated from Shakahola.

The State contends that it is preferable to devote more time to exhaustive inquiries and take all reasonable steps to hasten the hearing and resolution of the matter.

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