An influencer from Uganda has asked her followers to stop spreading a viral clip that was leaked.

A well-known DJ in Uganda, Nampeera Christine is the younger sister of well-known DJ Roger. 

Due to her curvy appearance, she has recently dominated the spotlight.

Christine Nampeera viral video today

Aside from that, she has been attached to an anonymous person's internet leak of a 3-minute-long steamy video.

Local news sources claim that Nampeera and her lover spent the evening in a club in Kampala.

Both of them in the video are shown in an an awkward setting without realising that someone has been recording them.

Christine Nampeera viral video today

The pair is shown being steamy in the video, which is going viral on X, the social networking site formerly known as Twitter, as the person operating the camera necessitates care about staying undetected while filming the scene.

The voluptuous Uganda social media celebrity apologised for her misbehaviour and pleaded with her over 33,000 X (Twitter) admirers to stop sharing the tape because she was suicidal shortly after the video went viral on social media.

Christine Nampeera viral video today

"I want to apologise to everyone who has been negatively impacted by the video, including my family, my friends, my boyfriend Mr Barasha, and my employment. I'm sorry, it was a private matter," she wrote in her message.

When they saw the video, Nampeera's supporters voiced their utter displeasure with her.

The incident has gained popularity on social media and generated discussions about the privacy drifts of technology.

The public's response to the incident has been at odds, with some siding with Nampeera and denouncing the invasion of her privacy while others reprimanding her for the video's content and casting doubt on her judgement.

Watch full video on the Nairobi leaks Telegram channel. 

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