Kehinde Arifayan alias Keybone

Kehinde Arifayan alias Keybone is a popular independent Hip Hop and Rap artist from Lagos, Nigeria, whose catchy songwriting and radio-friendly songs make him a favourite among his fans. 

He always keeps his audience in mind when releasing new music, ensuring that they stay engaged and entertained.

Dr Jazz, on the other hand, is a Nigerian Music Producer, Songwriter, and recording artist who is renowned for his work with Christian artists. 

He has a remarkable ear for creating uplifting and sincere worship songs that truly touch the hearts of his listeners.

One of Dr. Jazz's latest works is the captivating and soul-stirring Christian worship song, "I'd Give Everything," which celebrates God's everlasting power, love, and presence. 

The track emphasizes the overwhelming desire to express wholehearted praise, unwavering worship, and profound gratitude to God for His unending grace and mercy.

With its rhythmic, melodic, and heartfelt delivery, "I'd Give Everything" serves as a vessel for spiritual connection, inviting listeners to experience profound joy and fulfilment in a relationship with God. 

"The song draws inspiration from the deep well of contemporary Christian hip-hop music and aims to connect with a diverse audience, bridging the gap between generations and denominations.

"I'd Give Everything" will be available for download or streaming on major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more, starting September 22, 2023. 

  • EPK - "I'd Give Everything"
  • Artist: Keybone featuring Dr Jazz
  • Single Title: I'd Give Everything
  • Time: 3:24
  • Release Date: September 22, 2023
  • Genre: Christian Contemporary / Christian Rap
  • Label: Keybone

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