Mungai Eve lost Valuables worth Sh200,000 after being stolen from an Airbnb flat in Kilimani.

Following the break-in at her Kilimani Airbnb, well-known Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve is calculating the amount she lost.

On November 10, the video producer released footage of the two offenders—a man and a woman—leaving the apartment with bulky briefcases.

Eve Mungai raids at Kilimani

However, Mungai refuted claims in a recent video that she uploaded to her YouTube channel that the heist took place in her primary residence.

"In contrast to what some people might have thought, we did not suffer from a robbery at our home. The woman explained that some of you misunderstood the details; we had been the victim of a robbery in one of the apartments we oversee as an Airbnb.

The YouTuber said that the intruders had taken on their identity, posing as clients seeking a one-night stay so they could catch their flight the next day.

An agent who has been bringing me clients pointed me towards a client who was only planning to stay for one night.

Despite my usual policy of not taking one-night clients, I granted their request because the cleaners and the agent were scheduled to arrive the following day. She described what happened: "They came that Wednesday night with the bags and departed.

A depressing turn of events occurred when Mungai got a call from a friend who was also an agent the morning after the guests left. This friend sent a video, curious about what was going on in the house.

"I was astonished beyond belief. Never in my life have I felt so broken-hearted!” Mungai imparted.

The house was a complete mess, with items strewn all over the place. She said she misplaced valuables valued at more than Sh200,000, but she has since been able to replace the majority of the items.

To hasten the prosecution of the burglars, Mungai Eve also reported the break-in to the police.

She said, "This house was my very first project," expressing her sentimental attachment to the land.


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