Bandari and Shabana football at Ports authority

The female supporters of Shabana Football Club were criticized for allegedly meddling in the team's recent results.

A Kenya Premier League supporter accused women of "taking energy" away from the players before their games in a communiqué.

"2023–2024 Shabana FC updates— In addition to the managerial miscommunications, our squad Shabana FC has some problems that have been affecting how well they have played on the field lately. 

A collective of women goes by the name "Warembo Na Shabana." I can state with confidence that they pose the biggest threat, lagging behind our team.

It has been observed that the women are the main sources of disappointment. 

The statement said, "Their behaviour is unpleasant, and if it is not addressed as soon as possible, I believe this will continue to negatively impact the team and the entire Shabana community (fans)."

It said, "It is quite regrettable that despite their best efforts, the Ministry of Sports and the Governor of Kisii County are unable to understand that those assisting are not seeing our team thrive. 

The players' consistent practice of departing a day early from away games—if the distance is great—and spending the night at inns was made evident. The participants now inform the Warembo na Shabana of their domicile at this point.

The statement claims that female supporters travel and stay at the same hotels as the squad, spending the night together without taking into account that matches are played the following day.

"The players concentrate harder on their homework since they are fully aware that they have a game the next day. They lose games because they are exhausted when they get up in the morning. 

"As soon as possible, Warembo na Shabana ought to refrain from trailing our players about. The players should refrain from disclosing to the women their sleeping arrangements. 

The statement ended, "This ought to cease right away.

Additionally, there is a Facebook page dedicated to Warembo Na Shabana, which boasts 10,000 members. 

Some supporters disagreed with the group's removal, arguing that the women were the ones who brought in more spectators to games despite protests from other fans.

This season, Shabana FC has had difficulty competing in the top division. 

With its current standings in the 18-team league as second from bottom, the team faces the possibility of being demoted to the second division.

The squad has lost its last five league games, falling to Bandari 1-0 in Mombasa over the weekend. Coach Sammy Okoth lost his job as a result of that.

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