Unraveling the Mystery Behind Sonko's Barefoot Photo with Karen Nyamu and Samidoh- Get to know the intriguing story behind the viral photo that has left everyone talking. 

Sonko offers an intriguing explanation for the barefoot foot picture that he shared with Karen Nyamu and makes a spectacular return.

The photograph had been shot in his office, and several Kenyans speculated that illicit activity had taken place between the two individuals after seeing it.

Mike Sonko with Karen Nyamu

Mike Mbuvi Sonko, who served as the former governor of Nairobi County, has made it quite plain that he and Karen Nyamu, who is now a nominee for the Senate, have never been in a romantic connection.

The businessman issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon denying the assertions made by certain internet users that they had met for the intention of falling in love with one another.

Because Karen Nyamu's boyfriend, musician Samuel Muchoki nicknamed Samidoh, was also there at the meeting, he pointed out that it is impossible for the two of them to have slept together as was said. Samidoh is Karen Nyamu's lover.

The contentious politician appended his letter with a photograph that showed him positioned in the middle of Senator Nyamu and the Mugithi musician.

After Sonko uploaded a picture of himself and Karen Nyamu together at Sonko's office on Tuesday, a number of internet users began to speculate about the meeting that had taken place between the two lawmakers.

The two subjects of the photograph seemed to be having a great time and were not wearing any shoes. "Nomaree!" Sonko annotated a photograph that he uploaded to his various social media platforms.

Mike Sonko with Karen Nyamu

Look at what some other internet users have said;

Jaber is Jaber: Mhesh, uliskia mzee anaenda Haiti ukaona itakuwa wakati wako wa kung'aa.

Wangui Macharia: Mbona hamna viatu?

Indigochild: Hii imeenda.

Coastian_Icon: Ambieni Samidoh huu ni uzi wa usalama wa ndani maana sonkoree si mchezo.

Mike: "Yule ananipea, atakuletea.."

The previous year, Sonko said that he was the one who introduced Senator Karen Nyamu and the Mugiithi singer to one another.

The former governor said that he was responsible for introducing the two individuals during a Mugithi Night event that took place in Dubai many years ago.  When Sonko discovered the discovery, he was leaving a remark on Nyamu's Facebook page at the time.

Karen, who at the moment has two children with Samidoh, did not take exception to the comment but rather requested that he not share any more details.

It would seem that Sonko has a very tight connection with the two, as he has been seen with them on several occasions.

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