A recent series of social media posts talking about Pretty Little Thing by South African Elsa Majimbo has caused uproar online. 


Elsa Majimbo photo

Elsa Majimbo, who became famous while in Nairobi, Kenya, received negative reactions from South Africans on her recent uploads, with many telling her that money is not everything that can change a person.

Furthermore, South Africans have expressed their disappointment with Elsa Majimbo, with some even telling her to go back to where she came from as they are tired of being embarrassed by her actions.

Elsa Majimbo photo

It is worth noting that Elsa Majimbo denounced Kenya after receiving an Instagram DM from Rihanna, and she mentioned that she is a South African. However, the same people who supported her before are now speaking against her, and KOX ( Kenyans) cannot defend her as they do not know her.

In conclusion, Elsa Majimbo has become a perfect example of the saying "Money is not everything." This was also mentioned by a South African celebrity on X's post.

" Elsa is a perfect definition of Money is not everything, " South African celeb posted on X.


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