Kahawa Sukari church in Nairobi

The number of recent incidents in which religious leaders have been discovered sleeping with female members of their congregation has increased significantly. Given their status as the leaders of society and the ancestors of God, they should always be held accountable for this behavior.

Pastors and bishops should take the power entrusted to them honestly since they serve as role models for others, helping them find salvation.

People were split on this subject, with some suggesting that the bishop overreached in his position while others supported him.

A bishop gained notoriety at a particular church in Kahawa, Nairobi, when it was said that he drove out demons from a choir member. Upon learning that the choir member required significant assistance in her singing, the bishop concluded that engaging in intimacy with her would be the only way to strengthen her and drive out evil spirits.

The woman had been seen in the bishop's office for a while, and it was obvious that something was wrong.

The choir master said that one of their members had told them she had left to have a morning prayer with the bishop on that particular day and that, in her opinion, singing regularly would not give her the authority to control the airwaves.

At that point, a churchgoer overheard a lady remark, "Harder bishop," indicating that she was enjoying being slapped hard. Since this event occurred before the morning service, the other churchgoers became unruly, which seriously disrupted the order of the day.

In the end, the choir members mercilessly terminated their bishop after stripping him naked. Some stoned him, telling him they were going to give him a lesson he would not soon forget. The bishop was unexpectedly carrying five condoms in his pocket, a sign that they were having a great time together in the office.

The choir member's husband stepped in and assured the crowd that everything was under control since he had kept his wife safe from infidelity.

Reputable herbalists in the area had treated him a little, he continued. He claimed that the bishop would soon have to deal with the fallout from eating his fruit at that specific moment and that these herbalists were known as African doctors.

The bishop, who was being detained at a particular police station, had maggots emerge from his manhood two days later. This was only another unmistakable sign that the husband's comments to the churchgoer were entirely accurate.

As soon as the cops in the cells saw this, they had to quickly contact the choir member's husband. When the husband saw something was wrong, he called African doctors.

African doctors demanded that, in order for the bishop to feel any comfort, he must pay the agreed-upon sum to the husband. After three hours, the bishop's wife appeared at the police station with the money ready to be sent to the African doctors so that everything could return to normal. The bishop had made arrangements for how to pay the sum.

Afterwards, African physicians made sure the bishop was well. The bishop decided to become a matatu driver after that day. Since the occurrence, the choir member has never cheated.

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