Jailed for false pretence

Robert Otieno's life was flipped upside down when he was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl, despite having a prosperous company and a loving wife.

His 17 years inside bars were filled with unspeakable atrocities, as he was condemned to death. But he kept believing in his innocence; therefore, he refused to give up hope.

One of the ten students he was paying for their college tuition happened to be the girl who implicated him. Jackline, her mother, was his ex-lover who broke up with him when he was broke a long time ago. She was left pregnant and alone when her husband, a rich drug dealer, was jailed.

Otieno had moved on and married a Luhya woman named Nekesa, but Jackline was envious of his accomplishments and wished him back. In order to get even with him, Jackline conspired with her daughter to fabricate a rape complaint.

Fabricated rape allegation

Twelve years ago, one week before classes began, they put their plan into action. A word of reassurance, school fees, and pocket money were all presented to the ten children by Otieno in his office.

The child followed her mother's instructions and remained behind, pretending to ask him for further guidance. She proceeded to touch him improperly and make moves towards him, exactly as they had practiced. She proceeded to yell out, accusing him of assault.

Robert was taken aback and perplexed. He made an effort to clarify that he was innocent, but by then, it was too late. The cops showed up and took him into custody. He ended up in court, where an unfair judge gave credence to the girl's account. A convicted verdict and a 17-year jail term were handed down to him.

Despite her grief, his innocent sincerity was never in question with his wife, Nekesa. She never left his side and prayed for him constantly. Every chance she had, she would drop by his jail cell to see him and bring him food. Like him, she attempted to appeal his case via legal representation, but to no avail.

Nine years of jail life were a living misery for Otieno. Guards and prisoners alike subjected him to brutality, torture, and humiliation. Lost and sad, he lay there. Aside from his wife, he longed for independence. It was a constant fear of his that he wouldn't make it out alive.

But his faith remained unshaken. Someday, the truth would emerge, and he would be justified, he thought. By confessing their falsehoods, he believed the child and her mother would release him.

His request was answered in an amazing manner. His impatient and just wife found out about the African Doctors, a coven of herbalists with a potent spell that could free incarcerated people. Their premise was that they could assist the wrongly incarcerated in escaping their prison sentences.

How do spells to free a prisoner work?

With little to lose, Nekesa was suspicious. She described her predicament to African doctors. They assured her they could assist her, but only if she meticulously followed their directions. They requested that she provide information on her mother, spouse, and daughter. After that, they advised her to give it two days and see the outcome.

Following their instructions, Nekesa waited. What transpired next astounded her. October 2022 was the month that the girl—who was 21 years old at the time—called her. Her sobs were coming out of her ears.

She apologised profusely and said that she had exaggerated the severity of the rape. According to her, her mother coerced her into it, and they had been having disturbing dreams and a voice demanding an admission. She indicated that they were suffering and wanted to put an end to it all.

Shock and relief washed over her. She pleaded with the teen to tell the authorities what she had told them again. That was what the girl decided to do. Robert was notified, and an apology was extended. It was their sincere wish that he would find forgiveness for the way they had ruined his life.

The government launched an investigation, which confirmed the girl's confession. They came to the realisation that Robert was innocent and had fallen prey to a cunning plot. His release from custody was ordered, and his name was cleared.

Robert did not leave jail until almost a year had passed. His wife embraced and lavished kisses on him as she welcomed him. His friends welcomed him back to his home with open arms. An abundance of thankfulness and gladness washed over him.

African healers may use magic to persuade subjects to divulge information.

International media outlets also reported the story, which went viral. For their unwavering faith and affection, Robert praised God and his wife. He extended his gratitude to the African doctors whose involvement had coerced the child and her mother into confessing.

Robert expressed his forgiveness while lamenting their lives' squandered potential. The girl had not continued her studies or sought a profession after dropping out of school after the event.

Robert finished his statement with a heartfelt wish for their happiness and tranquilly, his eyes streaming with emotions.

He is back on track a whole year after being freed, thanks to a spell performed by African doctors. His narrative propelled his business objectives to previously unheard-of heights.

"Even before the arrest, we were doing well. If it weren't for this situation and the help of African doctors, I don't think we would be here today," Nekesa said.

The potent charms crafted by African doctors take effect immediately upon casting. The charms are successful no matter where you are, and proximity is no issue.

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