KBC AFCON 2023 fixtures for matches aired live on KBC channel One

The African Cup of Nations (AFCON) is a big football tournament that happens every two years. It's a big deal for football fans, especially in Africa. Check this AFCON 2024 Fixtures on KBC Channel One below. The next AFCON tournament is starting soon in Ivory Coast, and fans are excited to watch it.

Even though the Kenyan national team is not playing in the tournament, Kenyan fans will still be cheering for their neighbouring team, Tanzania. If you're interested in watching the games, you can find a schedule of all the matches on bana.co.ke, including the time they start in Kenya.

How long will AFCON last?

The tournament starts on January 13th, 2024, and lasts for a month. There will be 52 games played in total. The first match is between Ivory Coast and Guinea-Bissau, and it starts at 11 p.m. Kenyan time.

Will KBC air AFCON 2023?

If you're in Kenya and want to watch the games, you can tune into KBC Channel One. They have exclusive rights to broadcast the tournament for free, so you can enjoy all the games from the comfort of your own home.


  1. 13th Jan Ivory Coast vs Guinea-Bissau 11pm
  2. 14th Jan Nigeria vs Equatorial Guinea 5pm
  3. 14th Jan Egypt vs Mozambique 8pm
  4. 14th Jan Ghana vs Cape Verde 11pm
  5. 15th Jan Senegal vs The Gambia 5pm
  6. 15th Jan Cameroon vs Guinea 8pm
  7. 15th Jan Algeria vs Angola 11pm
  8. 16th Jan Burkina Faso vs Mauritania 5pm
  9. 16th Jan Tunisia vs Namibia 8pm
  10. 16th Jan Mali vs South Africa 11pm
  11. 17th Jan Morocco vs Tanzania 8pm
  12. 17th Jan DR Congo vs Zambia 11pm
  13. 18th Jan Equatorial Guinea vs Guinea-Bissau 5pm
  14. 18th Jan Ivory Coast vs Nigeria 8pm
  15. 18th Jan Egypt vs Ghana 11pm
  16. 19th Jan Cape Verde vs Mozambique 5pm
  17. 19th Jan Senegal vs Cameroon 8pm
  18. 19th Jan Guinea vs The Gambia 11pm
  19. 20th Jan Algeria vs Burkina Faso 5pm
  20. 20th Jan Mauritania vs Angola 8pm
  21. 20th Jan Tunisia vs Mali 11pm
  22. 21st Jan Morocco vs DR Congo 5pm
  23. 21st Jan Zambia vs Tanzania 8pm
  24. 21st Jan South Africa vs Namibia 11pm
  25. 22nd Jan Equatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast 8pm
  26. 22nd Jan Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria 8pm
  27. 22nd Jan Cape Verde vs Egypt 11pm
  28. 22nd Jan Mozambique vs Ghana 11pm
  29. 23rd Jan The Gambia vs Cameroon 8pm
  30. 23rd Jan Guinea vs Senegal  8pm
  31. 23rd Jan Angola vs Burkina Faso 11pm
  32. 23rd Jan Mauritania vs Algeria 11pm
  33. 24th Jan Namibia vs Mali 8pm
  34. 24th Jan South Africa vs Tunisia 8pm
  35. 24th Jan Tanzania vs DR Congo 11pm
  36. 24th Jan Zambia vs Morocco 11pm
  37. 27th Jan R16 1: Group D Winner vs Group B/E/F Third Place 8pm
  38. 27th Jan R16 2: Group A Runner-up vs Group C Runner-up 11pm
  39. 28th Jan R16 2: Group A Winner vs Group C/D/E Third Place 8pm
  40. 28th Jan R16 3: Group B Runner-up vs Group F Runner-up 11pm
  41. 29th Jan R16 4: Group B Winner vs Group A/C/D Third Place 8pm
  42. 29th Jan R16 5: Group C Winner vs Group A/B/F Third Place 11pm
  43. 30th Jan R16 7: Group E Winner vs Group D Runner-up 1pm
  44. 30th Jan R16 8: Group F Winner vs Group E Runner-up 11pm
  45. 2nd Feb QF1: Winner of R16 2 vs Winner of R16 1 8pm
  46. 2nd Feb QF2: Winner of R16 4 vs Winner of R16 3 11pm
  47. 3rd Feb QF3: Winner of R16 7 vs Winner of R16 6 8pm
  48. 3rd Feb QF4: Winner of R16 5 vs Winner of R16 8 11pm
  49. 7th Feb SF1: Winner of QF1 vs Winner of QF4 8pm
  50. 7th Feb SF2: Winner of QF3 vs Winner of QF2 11pm
  51. 10th Feb Third-place play-off: SF1 loser vs SF2 loser 11pm
  52. 11th Feb Final: SF1 winner vs SF1 loser 11pm

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