Public figure Nailantei Kenga defends Mercy Kyallo's clandestine nuptials.

"Art of Living" host Nailantei Kenga has defended and offered insight into her private conversation with Marvin Gichuru and Mercy Kyallo.

Art of Living" host Nailantei Kenga defends Mercy Kyallo secret wedding

In an interview, Nailantei provided Bana News with an exclusive glimpse inside the construction of the Kyallo-Gichuru home.

"I recall that the first interview was the most difficult; Mercy was frightened and contemplated cancelling even though she was unwell. I built a profound relationship with her right from the first feature on the show," Nailantei remarked when asked how simple it was to persuade her to open up her residence.

Unfazed, Nailantei spent more than two hours convincing her, even buying medicine to make sure the interview could go forward. This unwavering devotion marked the beginning of a timeless connection.

"It was the beginning of a long-lasting relationship when she immediately admired my tenacity and strength. We have discussed the possibility of collaborating on her soon-to-be-launched home décor firm. 

"Excitingly, I’ll be incorporating Naila plants, a personal touch from the Art Of Living show. On her décor web shop, customers will purchase the plant as a present for loved ones. 

"It is a beautiful blend of camaraderie, perseverance, and joint pursuits that keeps growing," she told Media.

Regarding how Mercy opened up about her marriage, Nailantei shared, “Upon entering her home, I was utterly shocked and dumbfounded! It was almost surreal that she was willing to share the exclusive story of her love life with me. 

"Upon meeting Marvin, my awe was further increased by his knowledge, attractiveness, calmness, generosity, and remarkable patience.

"It was evident that Mercy had struck gold," Nailantei said, her heart broken by the extent to which Mercy had trusted her. 

"It was then that I saw how much Mercy had put her faith in me to tell her narrative with grace and honour, a duty I will treasure forever.

According to Nailantei, who hosts the TV programme Art of Living, she loves going on tour on famous people's houses because they are so intimate and personal, and because they display not only material goods but also the intangible character of those who have achieved great success.

Art of Living" host Nailantei Kenga defends Mercy Kyallo secret wedding

She emphasised how the story changes when famous people are at home, where they can be themselves and show the world who they are.

Nailantei also shared her curiosity about the latest trends and inspiration in home décor. 

Art of Living this season goes deeper than ever before, exploring topics like lifestyle and investing to inspire and inform viewers about their own personal development and financial security.

Not only has Nailantei cemented her position as a well-respected media personality, but her commitment to honesty and decency in storytelling has given fans a rare look into the lives of celebrities, bridging the gap between the glamour of celebrity life and attainable goals like financial independence.

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