Terryanne Chebet, a well-known media personality, is counting down the days until her 45th birthday and has already stated her intention to devote 2024 to furthering her career.

Since she is almost halfway through her most productive years, she plans to step up her game in the following five years. However, she knows that once she reaches 50, she will no longer tolerate excessive hustle.

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As she gave a tour of her house to the KTN Art of Living programme, the CNBC Strategic Development head discussed her aspirations and the value of setting lofty objectives, even if they may take some time to come true.

Terryanne casually brought up the fact that she is in a relationship and highlighted the important someone in her life.

 The unexpected question at first surprised her, but she later admitted that she was glad to be dating once more.

Terryanne sighed deeply as she listed her partner's qualities: being present, passionate about constructing a future, and fun to be around as his most admirable traits.

Terryanne Chebet photo

 In her efforts to wrap up the discussion, she focused on these points without going into greater depth.

Terryanne has two daughters and is a single mother. She has said categorically that she does not want to have any more children. Why? Nobody needs another child in this world.

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