Co-operative Bank of Kenya reviews withdrawing limits in all  its ATMs countrywide following a vast change in economy in the Nation. 

A new finacial and economical study in 2024 has resulted in an increase of Ksh60,000 per day for clients of the Co-operative Bank of Kenya who use ATMs around the nation.

Co-operative Bank of Kenya photo in Nairobi

The bank reminded its clients that the decision was made in light of the present financial situation and the importance of meeting their demands.

Customers used to have a daily limit of Ksh40,000 that they were allowed to withdraw from ATMs.

"Withdrawals from our ATMs may now be made up to Sh60,000 per day, up from Sh40,000 before, as an added benefit for our clients," according to a portion of the bank's statement.

For Kenyans who need large quantities of money for many reasons, including paying bills and doing business, the new order is a godsend.

Furthermore, the millions of clients of the Co-op bank will like the decision since it would eliminate the need to wait in line for withdrawals ranging from Ksh40,000 to Ksh60,000.

Withdrawal restrictions from ATMs were last reviewed in February 2015.

The daily withdrawal limit for consumers was Ksh20,000 back then. A more streamlined process for meeting the demands of other consumers was said to be the goal of the relocation.

The bank made a statement at the time saying that they would be reducing the number of clients in its branches so that staff were able to offer more personalised service to customers, particularly those who needed financial guidance.

Over 608 ATMs are available nationwide at this time for customers to use.

More than nine million customers use the bank's services at any one of its more than a hundred locations throughout the nation.

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