For marrying gospel musician Guardian Angel, who is younger than her, Esther Musila has become the target of many trollings.

Critics can't get enough of the 53-year-old mother of three's lack of remorse for slipping for her husband, who is 35 years her senior.

Following her visit to a friend's funeral on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, the quinquagenarian used the opportunity to confront anyone who would insult her age.

It was with great sadness that Musila remembered her late friend's desire to join her on the fifth floor; however, her friend passed away a week before her 50th birthday.

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel photo 2024

"A buddy of mine passed away this morning, and I went to the burial. Her 50th birthday would have been celebrated today."

Musila lamented that her loved one had gone suddenly, only seven days before today, ruining what would have been a momentous day in her life.

Esther Musila came to the realisation that longer life is indeed a blessing from God after the passing of her friend, who was anticipating her 50th birthday.

In the wake of her friend's untimely death only seven days before her 50th birthday, the 53-year-old assured those who belittled her for ageing that she would mature gracefully and unabashedly.

"Do the individuals who belittle you because of your age ever consider that it is God, and not they, who grants life? Without shame or regret, I shall continue to mature gracefully," Esther Musila emphasised.

On May 25, 2023, the day she turned 53 years old, Musila made a statement about how she had seen and heard it all and how glad she was to have remained firm and followed her own rules.

"On this day 53 years ago, my parents welcomed their first child, a girl named Esther Jeanette Ngenyi Musila. Who I am now is in large part due to the modest background I experienced. I have experienced all that life has to offer.

"My ability to stand firm and follow my own set of rules is something for which I am very thankful. I only give Esther the best since I know what's best for her. I have always been fearless about pursuing my passions and making my own decisions.

"I focus on intentionally feeding my mind, body, and soul positive vibes, so I flourish on happiness and good vibes," she said.

In addition, the 53-year-old emphasised her immense pride in her age, saying that she would live each day to the fullest as if it were her last.

"As long as I remember that God has put me on his list of people to wake up every morning for the last 53 years, I will continue to embrace each day as if it were my last and live each moment to the fullest, regardless of my age.

"Your affection means the world to me, and I am eternally grateful to my loved ones and the genuine friends that are always there for me. Keep succeeding, living, loving, and laughing, in my opinion, Esther. There is no one better than you!

"It is my birthday today. Wishing myself a very happy birthday," she added.

Even though their relationship has been the target of criticism, Guardian Angel has often stated his eternal love for Esther Musila.

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