Ugandan national Umar Muwaya, 47 in court

Ugandan national Umar Muwaya, 47, has been detained and is being held in detention at the Kirinya Prison in Jinja City on suspicion that he defiled his three biological daughters.

The females who were defiled were Mafubira village residents and were 14, 13, and 10 years old.

A report indicates that Muwaya was apprehended in 2020 after a family member apprised the local councils and subsequently the police of his activities after becoming aware of them.

On Tuesday, February 27, 2024, Muwaya exited the courtroom in the presence of Judge Winniefred Nabisinde pleading not guilty. Her order was to remand him.

Following the divorce from which Muwaya had abandoned his daughters, the prosecution, headed by Shallotte Kamwime, informed the court that he had begun defiling his daughters.

"When the defendant returned home inebriated, he would defile the children and warn them to never tell anyone about the incident," Shallotte explained to the court.

 "He shared a rooming house with the victims."

Following his denial of his sisters-in-law's romantic proposal, Muwaya refuted the allegations by asserting that the accusations were unfounded and merely an attempt by them to exact revenge on him.

"Unfortunately, I declined one of my sister-in-laws' attempts to woo me into love following my wife's divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences." 

"She was enraged by this and vowed to punish me," Muwaya explained.

Muwaya responded affirmatively when queried about the quality of his relationship with his children.

In the interim, while further action is considered, the three children have been transferred to a children's facility for temporary housing as they currently lack a caretaker.

As a result of her current mental illness, their mother is unable to provide for their care.

For a subsequent hearing on March 1, 2024, the case has been postponed. 

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