Content creator Amira underwent cosmetic surgery. Amira said she was thrilled to change.

Amira, laying on an operation table, says, "Finally done it. Thankfully, my procedure went well. Very bloated and painful. I am receiving the finest love and attention. I hope to share my recovery process shortly. I had breast lift, thigh plasty, lipo, and stomach tuck," she confessed. Her operations were extensive.

Amira Jimal Roho safi

In a drip video, the mother of two added "Lakini who laughs like this in the theatre" and smiled before the procedure.

Amira posted a weight reduction side-by-side snapshot two weeks ago.

"How do I begin? You know my story from when I was 130 kg or 140 kg! That's hard since you're large! 2. You realise you're huge, but 3. You don't understand why tension isn't helping you lose weight—"stress eating"! She wrote that the solution to stress is to eat, which perpetuates the cycle of "Eat, Pray, Love" (get fat, eat), and repeat.

Her internet admirers were enamoured with her remarkable change.

"Whether I am huge and anxious or enormous and stressed, this is a maddening place to be!" "Anybody who has been here may relate, right? I always believed I would lose weight and become healthy, rather than the person I saw in the mirror. And suddenly, it all happened in my imagination!

She admitted to researching surgical possibilities in Nairobi.

"After losing 45 kg+, I feel like I'm on top of the world because I can do what I want, which is the moral of the tale! Sio hii kizungu mingi—I sound like my doctor, @ken.aluora_md, and his tales! Read his posts to understand 😂👌🏾"

Beauty entrepreneur Phoina and businesswoman Risper Faith are among Kenyan celebrities who have had cosmetic surgery and been candid regarding their lifestyles and weight reduction.

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