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Following the passing of TikToker Brian Chira, a young lady has revealed the details of her connection with him.


In April of 2022, Naomi said that she had the opportunity to meet Chira in a club in Kiambu county known as Redlion Lounge. The two of them enjoyed a wonderful time together, and Chira was compassionate to her by purchasing roasted meat and beverages for her.


It was stated to Naomi that Chira was unable to take her to his apartment due to the fact that he was behind on his rent, so they decided to get a room at Banana instead. After spending the night together, Naomi discovered out she was carrying his kid. 

She was pregnant with his child. Chira never got in touch with Naomi again after that night, despite the fact that she had given him her phone number.


She gave birth to a son and has been parenting him as a single mother since the birth of her child. Having been booted out of her family home when she was pregnant in the past, Naomi has had to overcome a number of obstacles, particularly without the support of her family. 

In an effort to support for herself and her kid, she has been working a variety of jobs, but it has been challenging for her to obtain consistent employment.


Naomi has high aspirations of meeting Chira's family, particularly his grandmother, in order to determine whether or not they are able to assist in providing financial support for their son. The obligations she has and the challenges she is facing make her feel completely overwhelmed.

A lady has said that she is carrying a child whose father is the well-known Kenyan Tiktoker Brian Chira, who passed away in a tragic car accident. The woman has made these claims herself in front of the family.

Brian Chira's lady who is pregnant

Brian Chira's tragic death has captured the attention of a number of Kenyans, who have taken to their various social media platforms in order to express their condolences to the deceased person's family and friends.

According to the police-provided records, a car struck and killed the deceased person while they were attempting to cross the street.

The fact that the person who passed away at the time of the aforementioned road accident was intoxicated and that he was attempting to cross the road before he was killed in his attempt to cross has been corroborated by a number of different sources.

The most recent information on this incident reveals that a woman is three months pregnant with a child she got with Brian Chira. It was during a party that they first met, as stated by the lady who provided the information.

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