pastor in Vihiga county rural church

An unassuming and committed pastor in Bungoma, Pastor Makasi Lazarus, oversaw a tiny church in rural Kenya. He was known for his humility and devotion. He was very devoted to his congregation and his vocation, but he had a hard time making ends meet. 

He often needed to solicit money from the congregation in order to pay his rent and purchase some food. This compelled him to explore alternative means of survival, ultimately leading him to seek aid from renowned men of God.

He was barely able to pay the rent for the church building, let alone provide for his family. He just had enough money to pay the rent. Even though he hoped for a miracle, it did not seem that anything changed.

On their way to Church Baraza, he had the opportunity to meet his overall bishop as well as other pastors. During their conversation, Pastor Makasi inquired about the means by which he would be able to grow his congregation. 

One of the pastors approached him at the conclusion of the gathering and informed him that he had solutions for growing the church. For instance, he may use what he has in the vicinity as an example. 

In a moment of excitement, the pastor was introduced to the Kiwanga Doctors on +254769404965, who were able to do divine spells as well as prosperity spells. It was during his visit to Dr. Kiwanga that he detailed his predicament.

Using candles, oils, crystals, and other talismans, Doctor Kiwanga cast a prosperity spell for him. This allowed him to establish a holy environment in which he could concentrate his efforts on bringing about wealth.

A rich donor who had heard about Pastor Makasi's congregation and wanted to assist his work called him the next week. The donor wanted to help with the work that Pastor Makasi was leading.

People started flocking to his church as he was doing miracles that none of them anticipated. While everything was going on, the donor went to the church.

In addition to donating some money to cover Pastor Makasi's personal expenditures and to help him launch a side company, the donor made an offer to pay the rent for the church building for a whole year.

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Pastor Makasi thanked God for answering his prayers and expressed his joy. In addition, he expressed his gratitude to Doctor Kiwanga for assisting him in opening the door to financial success and enabling him to enjoy a life of wealth, just like everyone else. In addition, he expressed gratitude to his colleague pastor for guiding him towards a life of virtue.


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