M-Pesa business in Mombasa, near Soko Mjinga Kisauni

Some three robbers, who had stolen money from an M-Pesa business in Mombasa, near Soko Mjinga Kisauni, faced a harsh awakening when they discovered they had developed nasty sores on their genitals.

They were awkward and ashamed as a result of the scratches, which, in addition to being painful, began oozing pus. The fact that they were unaware of what was happening to them made them fear for their lives.

In the very initial instance, they went to a clinic in the hopes of receiving some therapy and alleviation from their symptoms. However, the clinic recommended that they seek medical attention at a nearby hospital due to the issue's complexity, which is beyond their capabilities.

They made the decision to go to another healthcare facility, but while they were waiting for the medical staff to do tests, they began to hear sounds that were not familiar to them.

It was the weird voices that ordered them to return the goods that they had stolen; if they did not return them, they would suffer much more.

The agony grew intolerable, forcing them to moan in discomfort and eventually drift off onto the ground. They howled in agony, which caused the whole medical facility to shake with fear. Although the medical professionals and nurses raced to provide assistance to them, they were unable to identify any possible cause for their predicament.

Despite this, the three individuals continued to scream in agony. One of the nurses, who seemed to be devout in some way, walked towards them and prayed for them. In the hopes that God would cure them and disclose the reason for their suffering, she prayed.

Instead of responding to the prayer, the three individuals started yelling.

"Leave us alone, please. Allow us to be alone." Please put an end to the screams; we are thieves; we are sorry that we stole; the sounds are too loud. Each of the guys spoke the same words: "The pain is too much."

After the three individuals stated that they were robbers, the emotions drew patients, physicians, and even the police, who were summoned in to investigate the situation.

The guys admitted that they had taken items from an M-Pesa business two days earlier, and ever since, strange voices in their brains have been torturing them, demanding that they return the money and phones they had taken.

The officers brought the three individuals together in a police Land Cruiser, and they guided the officers to the store where they had committed the crime.

However, before they proceeded to the store, they led the police to the location where they had hidden the stolen goods. By surrendering the stolen possessions, they hoped to achieve some justice and serenity.

How does the process of cleaning and protecting a business work?

When they arrived at the store, they discovered the proprietor, who had also taken note of the occurrence.

On the other hand, the mother of four children was not shocked to see the robbers who had victimised her by robbing her at gunpoint and leaving her in a state of anguish.

During their pleading for her repentance, they presented her with the money and the phone. The business proprietor discovered that she had immediately called Kiwanga Doctors after the theft, disclosing that they had cast a spell to find the thieves.

"It was just a matter of time until their predicament brought to light both themselves and the evil that they had been doing."

"The Kiwanga Doctors gave me their word that they were simply going to bring themselves, and they have delivered on their promise.

"He told me that I ought to call him after they come," the woman, who was smiling all the while, remarked.

After then, she dialled the number of Kiwanga Doctors, +254769404965, who had been keeping track of the happenings over the phone. Following the listening session of the herbalist's speech, the robbers had a sense of comfort.

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The herbalist spoke over the loudspeaker and said, "My children, you have gone down the wrong course of action, and you have the responsibility to pay for it." "You are going to pay for it."

The enchantment was then removed from them, but he cautioned them to alter their behaviour or else they would suffer much more severe repercussions.

Their suffering came to an end, but a police officer apprehended them. This was made possible by the business cleaning magic that Kiwanga Doctors had delivered, which allowed for the recovery of further stolen items as well as phoney firearms and primitive weaponry from their residence.

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