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After working with the Italians in Malindi for over 7 years, a new employee made Steve Mbogo sacked from the job by his bosses over false allegations of fund misappropriation in the hotel business. 

Italians in Malindi have dominated the apartment and hotel business, with several ventures owned by Italian moguls. From the former Italian prime ministers to other local businessmen, Malindi, also known as Little Milano, had an impact on the community with massive ventures and security.

The Italians called Mbogo into the office and handed him a termination letter. They elevated the new employee to take his position.

Management alleged that he embezzled Sh2.6 million intended for the construction of an additional restroom. The new employee alleged that he used funds intended for hotel upgrades and maintenance to construct the restroom while the Italians were in Italy.

The new employee claimed that he used funds intended for the restroom before taking them.

As the caretaker and manager of the property, Mbogo was responsible for anything happening on the premises. He took the letter and a cheque of Sh1 million given by the Italians to start a new life. 

Steve Mbogo could imagine how he took his trust to a new level, and with a new employee, it evaporated into thin air. He relocated to Watamu to try his luck.

The family went to shambles, and his wife left him for greener pastures. Mbogo could not manage the family lifestyle. 

After several months in Watamu, he met a friend who, coincidentally, used to work with the Italians on another property but decided to venture into business and now runs a yacht business. 

His newly acquired friend told him that it was unfair and that if he wanted to go back, he could help him. Kiwanga Doctors, who had been his friend's benefactor for over a decade, assisted him. He instructed him to reach out to Kiwanga Doctors, promising immediate assistance.

When he called Kiwanga Doctors on  +254769404965, they instructed him to wait for 48 hours. It was on Monday morning when he made the call. On Thursday, one Italian called him and said the man they trusted had messed up with the hotel. 

After he left, the hotel's flow of customers reduced, and eventually it started to make losses. "Come back, please. This man will close my business." 

Mbogo could not hesitate to accept the new offer, but he said he would only get back with new terms. The new employee to be sacked, previous salary doubled, a new apartment for him, and a car.

The Italians agreed and relocated back to Malindi. The Italian also asked about his family on the first day of reporting to work, and they were very disappointed to have caused that. "Africans cannot withstand tests," one Italian lady said. 

The Italians asked the man to look for an Italian girl to marry. Fortunately, after a few days, he got engaged to his boss's granddaughter. They had a wedding just two months after the engagement. 

Mbogo said that he has been on the property for over 15 years with three Italian-African children, as well as two African children left by their mother, who eloped for greener pastures. 

With the help of Kiwanga Doctors, the hotel has trippled its profits. They left the property for me and my wife years later to manage after getting alot of money from the business ever before. 

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