Pritty Vishy on interview

Pritty Vishy has been transparent about her difficult connection with her father and the intricacies of her early life.


Pritty Vishy said that she and her father don't get along well. Vishy said that she does not like her father and that they do not get along well in an interview with Oga Obinna.


"I dislike him. I hate my biological dad."


Why does Pritty Vishy find her father repugnant? Vishy disclosed that her father deserted her and her mother when they were young, which is why she has such bad sentiments towards the guy who rescued her.


The content creator said they would never amount to anything without him, so he tossed them out of his home.


"He told my mum, Kukinyesha, 'you will seek me,' and he chased her away. Endelea hamtawahi kwa maisha yenu. You'll search for me."

"He chased my mom away, Kukinyesha, and he told my mom, 'you will look for me. Hamtawahi endelea kwa maisha yenu. You will look for me. You will come here, mkiroll chini mkiniomba msamaha," Vishy remembered her father's statements.


The content creator said that she regularly observed him cheating on her mother with many women, which is another reason why she "hates" him. Vishy even cited an instance in which she accused him of having an affair with her aunt. "My dad cheated on my mum in front of me with my aunt," she said.


There is curiosity in Vishy's present connection with her father. As an adult, Vishy said that she doesn't communicate with her father. She cited an instance in which she ran into him and chose to ignore him.


Vishy said that when she saw him with his friends, he attempted to address her as his daughter, which offended her since he had rejected her when she was a little girl.


"I have no idea who Nikamlenga. He was with his pal, Nilimpita. "Nikikuwa napita, followed by Akaniita Purity, and he was subsequently informing his friend, ule ni mtoto wangu," the woman said.


"After that, I thought, 'Is it me? "The one you mentioned wasn't your child?" she inquired. Watch new videos by subscribing. Poor guys are unattractive to Pritty Vishy. In the past, musician Stevo Simple Boy's ex-girlfriend Vishy listed the characteristics she thought a perfect guy should possess.


The YouTuber said on her channel that her main priority is to meet a financially secure partner who can easily support her.


She said that she would like not to make the same errors she had seen in her mother's decision to choose a less stable marriage.

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