Eve Nyaga and Director Trevor

After renaming the channel he founded to Kenya Online Media, director Trevor, who was earlier renowned for his partnerships with Mungai Eve, has begun an entirely novel trajectory. He is now recognised for his work with Kenya Online Media.

In conjunction with this metamorphosis, Trevor has introduced Eve Nyaga as the new face that will be in charge of his YouTube account and other social media platforms on his behalf.

Not only is Nyaga a devoted real estate enthusiast, but she was also a host at Y254 TV in the past.

The number of people who follow her on Instagram is over seven thousand.

According to the inaugural statement that Trevor sent, Eve Nyaga is getting ready to provide spectators with unique entertainment stuff.

"Our vivacious presenter and brand image, Eve Nyaga, is the most recent arrival of Kenya Online Media, and we are excited to introduce her to you! In this episode, Eve will provide you with unique breakthroughs and reveal the tales that lie behind the headlines. 

"Get prepared to dig into the inner workings of the world of spectacle." "As she puts her enthusiasm and flare to the surface, you should stay connected for a voyage that is full of enthusiasm, insight, and infinite pleasure," said Trevor.

The fact that Nyaga's name is similar to that of Trevor's ex-girlfriend, Mungai Eve, has caused a number of people to take notice of her appointment.

Following Trevor's breakup with Mungai Eve, she enthusiastically assumes the role of the primary representative of his new channel. Despite this, she takes on the position with enthusiasm.

The director Trevor made a significant announcement on February 19, amidst allegations that he had broken up with his long-term partner Mungai Eve before.

He made it public that he was going to redesign the YouTube channel that was previously known as "Mungai Eve" as "Kenya Online Media" because his efforts were no longer required on the platform.

Since its establishment on January 2, 2020, the channel has amassed more than 750 thousand members and published more than 2353 videos.

He said that her services are no longer required on the following platforms: YouTube, which has 754 thousand subscribers; Instagram Fame, which has 104 thousand subscribers; and Facebook, which has 874 thousand followers.

Meanwhile, Mungai Eve launched her own channel, gaining more than 100,000 followers in just ten days since its initial public release.

Director Trevor has not only presented Eve Nyaga, but he has also presented a new platform, which is a website that is being acclaimed as the most comprehensive hub for whatever is related to entertainment.

On the other hand, there is no information available about the current situation of Real Wangari, who was supposed to take the position of Mungai Eve.

Since August 2023, Wangari has been collaborating closely with Trevor and Mungai, leading to the expectation that he would assume a significant role within Kenya Online Media.

In a prior interview, Wangari discussed her working relationship with Director Trevor, focusing on the fact that he had seen her talent and extended an offer to work together.

"What you have been known for for such a long time as Mungai Eve Media has recently received a new name, Kenya Online Media...under the watchful eye of the sole and exclusive Director Trevor," she stated.

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