More drama in Tanzania as celebrities gather to defend President Samia Suluhu after attacks from controversial blogger Mange Kimambi, who relocated to the United States. 

The controversial blogger who leaked Aslay illicit photos online that trend for a week claimed that Tanzanian President Samia was a lesbian. Posting on her Instagram and TikTok accounts, Mange made the grave allegations, and she had receipts for the claims.

Mange Kimambi of Tanzania

Mange made many accusations against Samia Suluhu, but her assertion about her gender identification was the most widely shared. 

Cabinet members and officials from the government have not ignored or denied these alleged attacks for more than a week; instead, they have lined up to "address" them and warn of severe punishment against anonymous individuals. 

It was obvious to everybody that Mange was the chosen victim. Paul Makonda, a former regional commissioner in Dar es Salaam who was involved with Magufuli but suspended, is now serving as the Arusha regional commissioner, which has only made things worse.


Following Samia Suluhu's determination that Makonda was qualified for public service despite US State Department sanctions and widespread public disapproval, Makonda has rejoined the government juggernaut. 

If the "insults" directed against the president do not cease, Makonda threatened on April 12, 2024, to reveal the names of the ministers funding the defamation campaign. 

He made it more severe for himself, since Mange allegedly released a list of girlfriends with images and bios over the weekend. CCM acolytes mass-reported Mange, leading to the suspension of her Instagram account.

Mange, on the other hand, has succeeded in sending the government machinery and all of its sycophants into a state of fear. It was ordered that all members, leaders, and editors of the CCM media outlets share images and compliments of Samia Suluhu. 

Her move was so popular that even Diamond Platinum released a song quickly. Diamond said it was more about paying respects to someone who has passed away than about preventing more harm.

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