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Whitetaker Oduor, from Homa Bay County, is a millionaire at the young age of 28. He has almost everything he ever wanted to own. However, it is a great mystery and miracle how a young man who never completed school made it in life. 


Great strides need great thinking. He was only able to soar and climb the ladder at a faster speed after realizing his full potential. Education was the key to success, but now it is not. Millions of graduates each year no longer view education as the key to success, as they continue to remain unemployed despite their degrees.


Whitetaker only dropped school in Form Three before his parents, who were mere peasant farmers in the village, could not afford to pay for his education anymore. 


"My father could not manage to feed us and, at the same time, pay our school fees. He does not have a job. Just a village farmer suffering at home," Whitetaker said. 


But Whitetaker did not give up. He went to Nairobi to hustle and stumbled upon a poster advertising a powerful traditional healer named Dr. Kiwanga, who could help job seekers and businesses thrive. 


When he dialed the number, he received simple spells that could help him rise above his humble beginnings. He got a job and began a small business. 


Within a year, he left his job to concentrate on his small businesses and rose to be one of the top car dealers in the city. He also received a tender for the supply of arms, which led to a change in his business path. He is a business magnate in Nairobi, however, making his life private.


Whitetaker called Dr. Kiwanga at +254769404965 because the idea intrigued him. The poster claimed that Dr. Kiwanga was a licensed healer who could cast wealth spells. The move made him move away from the streets.


Speak with Kiwanga Doctors on +254769404965 or visit Among other things he restores includes; bad luck, gambling spells, marriage and business problems, thieves problems, family protection and prosperous spells.

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