HE Governor Fernandes Barasa

As a result of the threats made against William Simiyu Matere's life by HE Governor Fernandes Barasa, it is possible that the accusations were brought with ulterior objectives, maybe connected to intimidating or silencing him throughout the court procedure.

It is possible that strong forces are working to damage or frighten Simiyu, possibly with the intention of silencing him or stopping him from defending himself in an appropriate manner. These threats hint that such powers may be at work.

The lack of transparency in the charge sheet raises doubts about the veracity of the allegations, raising the possibility that Simiyu is the victim of entrapment and false accusations.

The threats made against Simiyu further validate the allegations that powerful forces are attempting to injure or frighten him. These allegations could have a connection to the ongoing conflict between HE Governor Barasa and Mr. Rashid Echesa.

Threats against William Simiyu Matere serve as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by those who oppose powerful entities and speak out against injustice.

William Simiyu Matere is concerned about his own safety and wants to share his concerns with the general public, demonstrating how serious the issue is and how important it is to ensure his safety.

Elijah, also known as William Simiyu Matere, appeared before Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Ann Mwangi, where he faced two charges: threatening to demand property and conspiring to commit a crime.

According to the prosecution, it is claimed that on various occasions between December 2023 and the 18th day of March 2024, in an unknown location within the Republic of Kenya, together with other individuals who are not before the court, an individual threatened to demand a total value of Sh240,000,000 from Fernandez Odinga Barasa.

According to the second count, he and other individuals who were not present in court planned to extort more than 240 million shillings from Barasa by demanding property and using threats.

The allegations against him were dismissed, and he was released on bail of two million shillings with a surety bond of the same amount.

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