Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo photo

In response to allegations that she was reconciling with Brown Mauzo, the father of her children, businesswoman and socialite Vera Sidika has denied the existence of such a relationship.

When her daughter, Asia Brown, emerged on her shoulder, some of her followers, who are good viewers of every detail, began to speculate about what may have happened.

Vera Sidika, on the other hand, was seen to have a massive tattoo on that shoulder that was similar to the one that was on Brown Mauzo's body.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo photo

One of Brown Mauzo's fans couldn't contain their curiosity and confronted him directly about the tattoo. They pointed out that the tattoo was not unknown to many people since Brown Mauzo often shows it off while snapping photographs while wearing a simple T-shirt.

According to Sidika, who seemed to be angered by this, the tattoo has been on her body for a considerable amount of time, and she encouraged individuals who are circulating allegations that she has reunited with her ex-boyfriend to stop doing so.

"I'm sorry, but don't any of you realise that I have a tattoo on my hand? Are all of you claiming that you are unfamiliar with this tattoo?" In response to her question, Sidika displayed her whole body rather than only exposing her shoulder.

She went on to make it clear that she has absolutely no plans to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend and that she does not anticipate that this will occur in the near future.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo photo

"I would want to make it quite clear that I have not gotten back together with my ex-partner, nor am I ever contemplating doing so. We ask that you put an end to the speculations and expectations since it will not occur." Through her Instagram account, Vera Sidika expressed her gratitude to the audience.

After being together for around three years, Sidika and Mauzo made the decision to end their relationship public in September of the previous year.

During the course of their love affair, Sidika and Mauzo were blessed with two youngsters: a girl and a boy, both of whom are presently being raised by their mother.

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