Kiambu man cries uncontrolllabel outside worth start offices

WORTH START agency cons hard-earned money from a young man who saved for three years while topping up with a loan from friends in order to fly abroad.

After falling victim to a scam by an agency named Worth Start, the young man broke down in tears. They promised him to fly abroad and to a country of his choice, but he had to part ways with a certain amount.

The agency promised to fly him abroad for a fee of Ksh60,000 and later took him in circles, wondering if the story of going to the diaspora was true or if he had been scammed.

A work, study, and tour firm scammed the young man after promising him work in Canada, his country of choice. The Kiambu young man realised that he had been conned and went straight to their offices in Westland.

They informed him that there were no jobs in Canada, so he had to top up his cash for another spot in a different country. Later, another employee said that there was no work in Canada and she had to choose a different country. 

However, no one paid attention to the Kiambu man's warnings, leading to his expulsion from the office for causing chaos. The man began to cry uncontrollably outside the offices.

Former MP aspirant James Wanjohi who previously vied for positions in Roysambu and Kabete linked as the owner and CEO of WorthStart Agency which was raided earlier today by DCI after complaints from victims who claim to have been scammed with fake promises of overseas opportunities in Canada.

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