Mombasa church in Junda area

After armed robbers broke into a church in Mombasa, they stole everything inside, from musical instruments to church money. The thieves returned, seized church equipment, and sought redemption. 

Stealing is never a choice, since, in the majority of cases, things eventually come to an end through hardship. Three men suspected of breaking into a church in Junda, Mombasa County, had to return the equipment and cash.

The thieves had broken down two more churches, but the last church was full of spirits. Residents of the area were astonished when they returned stolen things from the church.

The thieves successfully tied the gatekeeper of the church with a rope before entering the building. Once inside, they butchered three chickens, spread blood over the seats of the church, and also made off with public address systems, money, and other church equipment.

The church's leadership disagreed on how to resolve the issue. They reported the incident to the appropriate authorities.

Without informing her husband, the pastor's wife sought the assistance of a traditional herbalist, Dr. Kiwanga, and her efforts yielded positive results. Just as the worship session was about to commence, three men arrived at the church premises, reclaiming all the stolen property.

Due to the fact that everyone was perplexed, the Sunday sermon came to a stop at that point. They took all they had taken with them as they made their way to the alter of the church. 

The congregation was shocked to learn that the accused claimed to be the thieves and expressed a desire for redemption and a return to a decent life. However, just as they were about to conclude their comments, the police came into contact with them.

"Hawa vijana wametuhangaisha. Sources heard a woman in the church saying, "Wamekuwa sugu sana lakini tumepata dawa yao."

Following the conclusion of the service, church elders hurried to the police station, where they were escorted to get further information on the individuals who were accused of stealing from the church.

Stealing in the Junda area, Mishomoroni has been rampant, while people condemn the police for their reluctancy. People, however, have devised other means of catching thieves despite police intervention that bears no fruit. 

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