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What a way of calling someone a witch if you cannot zip trousers as a father to a newly married couple? The father has been timing his son's work schedules to sleep with his in-law

People have reacted to the shocking incident in Mombasa, where a parent received a bee sting while having intimacy with his son's wife after leaving his daily routine.

According to accounts from others in attendance, the father has been coordinating the son's departure for work and then storming home to make love—a topic the son has been researching without answers for some time.

It is determined that on Wednesday, the father, following his custom, went to his son's residence without realizing he had contacted Kiwanga Doctors for assistance while the son was at work.

On what seemed to be a typical day, the father was shocked to find himself under attack by bees while holding his son's wife as they made the moves.

The neighbors remarked, "Tumempata akiwa uchi wa mnyama, nyuki wakiwa wamewafumania wote wawili."

When the son arrived, he cried while saying, "Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors for allowing me to know what's really happening before it's too late for me."

He was heard also saying, "I don't want this woman again if she can boldly exhibit her undergarments to my father."

He told his friends, "Anyone else who struggles with a similar issue to mine and doesn't trust their spouse? Then, they should call Kiwanga Doctors at  +254769404965 to seek his assistance."

According to Kiwanga Doctors, their spell-casting abilities take effect in a day or two, generally even sooner. He deals with a wide range of general issues, such as predicting someone's future with accuracy, winning the lottery, safeguarding family and property, and winning court disputes, among others.

Kiwanga professionals treat manhood issues, hypertension, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhoea, syphilis, TB, and other ailments. They also remove bad spirits and nightmares and help people win lottery games and court cases.

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