Cera Kimani break up with Kairo

Khalif Kairo, a Kenyan businessman and vehicle trader, is the subject of Cera Imani's opening statement on her interactions with him.

Cera Imani recently gave an interview to TNX Africa, in which she revealed her separation from Khalif Kairo. She said that she has come to terms with the issue and is no longer upset about it.

"As a result of my request for a companion, Kairo became part of my life." The fact that we were together was the end of it. In my experience, it is impossible to know what will occur in life; thus, it is best to pray and accept whatever comes your way.

Cera Imani revealed that she was surprised when Kairo made the news of their separation public, but she eventually came to terms with it.

"He is a very astute businessperson. The news that he had broken up with me on X came as a surprise to me, but I accepted it and carried on with my life. I have no ill will towards anybody, and my primary emphasis is on continuously developing myself.

In spite of the fact that they are no longer together, Cera and Kairo continue to be excellent friends, and she places a high value on the wonderful memories that they had throughout their time together.

"Not a single thing is wrong. When I am with someone else, I make the most of the situation. For the time being, I am resting. It is essential for me to develop. The rules and instructions of life are nonexistent.

"I'll do what is necessary, and if anything comes along the way, I'll see what it has for me."

Kairo's emotional letter to X, in which he claimed that his lover had moved on and that she was no longer with him, caused him to become a hot topic on social media a short time ago.

Subsequently, he conveyed to his supporters that his life had come to a complete standstill due to their separation, as his spouse was his entire world.

He said in an earlier conversation with Ankali Ray that Cera and Imani ended their relationship on Saturday, which was many days after they had acted as if they had broken up for the purpose of conducting a social media trial.

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