Eric Omondi photo on CVs

After comedian Eric Omondi gathered 3500 jobless graduates in Nairobi and asked employers to absorb them, the group's leadership now accuses him of abadoning them.

The graduates are now accusing Omondi of clout-chasing them, garnering views on YouTube, and trending on social media. 

"So, I want to tell you about Eric Omondi. This guy gathered graduates from all over Nairobi. First, he lied to the public, saying that there were 3,500 people at the Blue Springs Hotel," according to sources.

Graduates photo on Eric Omondi

The number was barely 1,500. That is besides the point. On Ramogi TV, he asserted that he had 400 job opportunities, yet more than a month later, none had received acceptance.

Yesterday, the elected chairperson or president of those unemployed graduates confessed that they had never been able to come face-to-face with Omondi. These people he promised are so desperate.

Graduates photo on Eric Omondi

"Sometimes, when I hear them talk about how they borrowed money and some travelled as far as Homabay, it really hurts. Until now, the office he posted on his page has not been operational, according to one of the graduates' leaders.

Since that caucus' leadership is also clueless, they consistently assure those who kindly joined the WhatsApp group that communication is imminent.

"We can't reach him because he's inaccessible. Labda mtu atafute mahali anafanya content. Please let the public know that this guy is a clout chaser who played with the minds of people who trusted him with his word," sources said.

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