The horrific murder of the well-known Ohangla dancer, whose dismembered corpse was found in a residence in Athi River, Machakos County, has taken a new turn with the confession of a police officer who claims to be Sheila Akeyo Odoyo's true husband, Wagesha.

Sheila, who was 38 years old, was allegedly living with her husband, Jackson Bambo, also known as JB. As the murder inquiry got underway, 45-year-old businessman Jackson escaped. Accusations of adultery have reportedly contributed to the couple's marital troubles.

Linda Okinyi house photo

Linda Okinyi, who was Sheila's daughter, informed investigators that she found her mother's body in the afternoon while bringing her lunch. 

Sheila allegedly suffered severe wounds to her neck during the night of May 9. After that, Linda informed the authorities that her dad had silently left the home in a Mitsubishi Outlander at around 1 in the morning one fateful night.

Sergeant Samwel Odoyo has emerged from hiding to claim Sheila's corpse, which means they may begin investigating the possibility of a love triangle as a motive for the woman's killing.

"I had hoped to see my wife while she was still alive, but we pray about it all," Odoyo added, explaining that he and his wife were trying to patch bridges after their marriage had fallen apart.

Odoyo acknowledged Sheila as his first wife and disclosed his hidden intention to reconcile with her. 

Tragically, Sheila passed away just two days after their phone conversation, which he described as an unforeseen turn of events. They focused their discussion on their reunion after nearly seven years of separation.

Throughout our talk, we discussed how we were going to meet. "She asked if she could go to Kisumu, where I work, instead of Nairobi, where I wanted to meet her," Odoyo said.

After she supposedly hinted that she was about to leave Jackson, Odoyo expressed his excitement at the prospect of seeing his estranged wife.

"She had given me the impression that she was actively seeking a home so that she could end her relationship with that guy and get back together with me. 

Odoyo said, "I was hoping our marriage was going to restart" after receiving her proposal.

Unfortunately, word of Sheila's death didn't spread until two days later. According to Odoyo, he is still grieving her loss and is utterly devastated.

"This was devastating news, as Sheila had planned to meet me in Kisumu so we could figure out a way for me to be with my family again. I was hoping to see her alive, but I think God has a plan for everything, so I'll just let him handle it.

Odoyo claims that Sheila departed in 2017 after living with them for thirteen years. Despite their physical separation, Sheila and her husband remained in continual contact and often exchanged parenting tips for their three children.

"Despite our minor disagreements, we resolved to provide the necessary support to our children."

"Both of us have been there for the children, offering our support. As far as our children's assistance is concerned, we have committed to making sure they never feel alone until they are adults," Odoyo said.

The policeman claims, following Luo tradition, that he has the right to bury Sheila. Since they consider me a member of the family, my in-laws have been very accommodating throughout this process. "The dowry is a symbol of a marriage's formalisation, and I am the one who paid it," he said.

Sheila's burial will take place at a new farmhouse in Soko village, Kanyach Kachar, Homa Bay.

"I constructed a farmstead for my second wife after her departure. Odoyo elaborated, saying, "Culture forbids the burial of a first wife in the homestead of the second." For this reason, he had to construct a separate tomb for Sheila.

Peter Obugi, Sheila's older brother, officially recognizes Odoyo as her spouse.

When Sheila was a little girl, both of her parents passed away. Sheila previously resided with her paternal grandmother. "The grandmother was old, so I took it upon myself to support her," Obugi said.

Odoyo reportedly gave Sheila two cows and some money to officially seal their marriage, according to Obugi of Nyamadede village, Gwassi East location, Suba sub-county.

Odoyo awarded the bride price to a long line of brides, including me. She was my sister, yet I still acted like a parent to her. According to Obugi, the family had given Odoyo permission to bury Sheila because he was the only one they recognised as her spouse.

He elaborated by saying that a guy is considered a legitimate spouse by the woman's family if he pays a dowry.

Meanwhile, Odoyo's family is trying to clear the air by claiming Sheila was never married to Jackson. Her accusers claim that the guy was really her boyfriend.

The news that Sheila's husband killed his sister has humiliated the family, according to her brother-in-law, Owaka Ochola.

Sheila's family wants the Kenyan people to know that her boyfriend killed her. In that situation, Odoyo, her spouse, is completely blameless. The rumours that her spouse was responsible for her murder do not sit well with Ochola and her family.

Sheila was a kind sister-in-law, according to Ochola.

"Sheila was an incredibly beautiful woman. I will never forget how generously she hosted our family.

 Ochola lamented the loss of life and demanded justice, saying, "His death is a setback to us."

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