Simbisa Brands Kenya Faces Accusations of Labour Abuse Across Branches as Employees share Stories of Challenging Labour Standards. Top blogger Cyprian Nyakundi recieved several complains from the firm. 

Sources also got alot of concerns from the company regarding poor working conditions, poor pay and assaults. 

Simbisa Brands Kenya is facing greater investigation and slander due to a series of troubling discoveries that have come to the attention of the public, shedding light on a disturbing pattern of exploitation and mistreatment within the organisation.

Pizza Inn Kenya photo - Simbisa Brands

Starting with reports of severe labour violations at Pizza Inn outlets (such as long, unpaid shifts), a wave of employee complaints has emerged across multiple branches.

Following further disclosures, it became evident that there were instances of exploitation by senior executives and a lack of efficiency among labour unions in championing the rights of workers.

After the release of these injustices, another employee bravely came forward and opened up about their frightening encounter within the organisation.

Some of the grievances included employees being paid below market rates, being required to work extended hours without receiving overtime pay, and feeling let down by a performance incentive programme that did not live up to their expectations.

Another source later contributed to the growing number of grievances, providing details of injustices and improper conduct witnessed at Pizza Inn complexes in Nairobi.

These issues included understaffing, random transfers, inconsistent salaries, and the patronising behaviour of regional managers towards employees.

Recently, another employee has come forward to share their own firsthand knowledge of the difficult conditions they face at Simbisa Brands.

The source details the experience of enduring exceptionally long shifts, lasting up to 16 hours on Terrific Tuesdays, without receiving any additional compensation.

The pressure to extend shifts and the fear of facing consequences only add to the authoritarian work environment.

These accounts reveal a troubling image of widespread slavery and mistreatment within Simbisa Brands Kenya. 

When will the organisation take action to address these labour violations and implement reforms that prioritise the fair treatment and self-worth of all its employees?

Another individual has come forward to shed light on the troubling working conditions experienced by employees at Pizza Inn fast food outlets in Nairobi. 

Understaffing is a widespread issue, with workers grappling with hectic schedules and inadequate wages.

The source emphasises how deeply dehumanising the mistreatment of high-ranking female managers, particularly regional managers (BOMs), is. Employees may face sanctions for even the smallest infringements.

Frequent staff transfers exacerbate their already challenging circumstances by quickly depleting their low salaries due to transportation costs, leaving them with little left over for their basic needs.

Salary inconsistencies and fluctuations only add to the sense of unpredictability and unreliability in their already unstable livelihoods.

It is evident that immediate action is necessary to tackle the underlying problems that are plaguing Simbisa Brands.

Continuing from previous reports about labour violations at Pizza Inn (Simbisa Brands Kenya), it is clear that this issue goes beyond just one establishment.

Workers continue to endure the burden of working long hours without receiving adequate compensation for overtime, sometimes exceeding 12 hours.

Senior female managers have come under fire for alleged mistreatment, fostering a hostile work environment where even minor mistakes result in public humiliation and termination.

The HR department, which employs primarily women, frequently fails to resolve complaints.

The implementation of an incentive compensation scheme has been disappointing, as the rewards promised to employees have not matched their efforts.

Even when employees surpass their goals by significant margins, they only receive a small fraction of the promised bonus, which can be quite disheartening.

Reports suggest that bribery and inefficiency may impair the effectiveness of labour unions in recommending employee rights, leaving workers with little encouragement or alternatives.

The public outrage against Simbisa Brands for their mistreatment of employees is growing stronger. 

Based on the information previously received, there seems to be a recurring pattern of exploitation as well as neglect across various establishments.

Additional reports have surfaced of underpaid employees working long hours without receiving proper compensation, a clear violation of labour laws.

Dealing with mistreatment from high-ranking female managers, especially regional managers (BOMs), continues to be a widespread problem. This has created a hostile atmosphere at work where even small errors result in public embarrassment and termination.

Despite the best efforts, the incentive bonus scheme consistently falls short of expectations, leaving employees disappointed by the meagre rewards they receive for their hard work.

This scenario is continuing to deteriorate due to the ineptness of labour associations in advocating for employee rights. 

Workers are experiencing a sense of neglect and helplessness in the face of unfair treatment.


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