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Educated,learned or Critical thinker?Marriage experts explained.

 Photos taken at fatumasVoice Mombasa concert 0ctober 2015. 

Getting the right partner is the key to living and marriage as far as it a concern.But you may have been asking yourself, who is this Mr or Mrs right?What gets in your mind is when you have a degree or well thriving business or even a religious leader.
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Getting this concept right, what you do is where Mr and Mrs right come from.Imagine that you are a church leader, the only ones you associate with are so called "born again" brothers and sisters.You do not have to pray to God to get Mr or Mrs right as it was in the olden days.God assists who assist themselves.
The main reason for this is to look for the concepts of education and thinking.Here are main points outlined.

1.Educated partner.
      The key and light to the world are education.Educated people only look at the value of an item before engaging in it.A well-educated person in certain faculty only looks at things which relate to the faculty.Getting married to a well-educated person creates fear or boosting either of the sides which has weight.They always calculate debits and credits of their life.The only major character that ends up with the relationship is submission.Either of the parties agrees to submit.The main reason is the level of education and what you provide at home.Education starts at school and has a curriculum to be followed.

2.Learned partner.
     Learning starts at birth.Getting few concepts of language before you become a pro in year 5 and afterwards.Learning does not stop at old age when you will be repeating some of the concepts you missed in young age.Getting Married to a learned Mr or Mrs right has plenty of benefits.The important benefit is reading in between the lines without getting extremely to the redline.This is always the feature of learned guys who read and learn every step and character of the other and try to change where it can be changed.In the course of learning, couples learn how to submit to one another and as well handling differences in diplomatic ways.Learning is not only in school but throughout the life, it does not end until death.

3.Critical thinker/Business/open mind/leader partner.
     This is a gift from God and it's unbeatable.It's only those who know how to explore their thoughts before generating income from little things.Having a couple with this structure is a blessing to the family because they are satisfied with what they get and the majority believe in God as their provider theirs is to work hard.This is a category of research and faith in all the doings.All this is not found in schools or its equivalent but from the parents and religion.How people grow up and inheritance  create such people.

From the points above look at home the people you associate with and how you are treated, you may now know which category He or She is.If you are a man and you are told it's your turn to cook next time will be her turn make you pregnant.Modern methods of living have ruined the relationship.The generation of half traditional and the other half civilised and modern.

By expert couples.


  1. critical thinker is a person who has all the charateristics..

  2. this is false study its just madness.


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