Fatumas Voice concert at YMCA Mombasa.[Photo: Fatumas voice media]

Have you ever had a successful event discussing matter dealing with health relationships with blaming one party?Men ever since have been doomed to be seen as a per-pet that is used by opposite s*x since Adam and eve.When you go back to the religion eve told Adam to eat the fruit..Since then its the woman who has the voice at in households.

The question people ask themselves is, where are the men? Think of this joke; Women think men are farmers because they are digging them.It depends on the type of farming, it can be mixed farming or zero farming.

Five points that came vividly out:
Fatumas Voice MC at YMCA.
1.S3x and thirsty.
Relationships have been the most challenging thing in life nowadays.Modern families suffer due to abnormal s*x thirst and eyeing much  of their time in it.

Culture is something that is gone..especially our African culture.Civilisation and modernity are the common factors that have eroded the behaviour of youth in most of the African countries.Men are out of culture and seek what they think is nice to them without involving families, religious leaders and God as it was in the olden days.
Changez at YMCA who is a poet.


The ratio of women and men is extremely out of hands.This has led to broken marriages due to valency women  who hunt on husbands and who end up being single mothers.5% of mothers in Kenya are single mothers who got their children from "else husbands" the relationships experts says.The percentage keeps on growing day by day.

Fatumas Voice concert at YMCA Mombasa.[photo: courtesy of fatumas voice media]


The majority of women are up to certain qualifications.The major character/aspect of the quality of a man is Money.The material has played a major role in dis-banning/banning families and relationships from prosperity.

Get this joke right; the Mc of the party said: "If the quality of a man your looking is unavailable then your partner is not in this world." Comparing to the ratio of men to women this can be true or false.

5.Education and the society.

Because of so-called gender balance(equity), men have gone underground because of women empowerment.This excessive empowerment has made young men be scrambled with fear of being oppressed by their wives.According to research done by Amani Kenya shows from 2009 to 2014 the number of weddings  and marriages generally have decreased by 10% from 30% in 2008.
Education is the key to living,s*x education in schools has played a major role due to children experimenting the subjects being  done.Grandparents were the major source of education at home now  that role has only left to the teachers in various schools.Modern grandparents have no time to spend with their grandchildren hence children are only taught manners by the world.

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